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"How do I escape the 9-to-5 with my new idea?"

How do you escape the cubicle with your new idea? Is it even worth protecting? Has it been done before? 

STOP WASTING TIME. You're going to be wondering about this until yet another year goes by if you don't get out of this self-defeating loop NOW. 

Entrepreneurs with protected ideas get more funding, and startups that protect their Intellectual Property are more profitable - IF done in the right way. Learn how to protect and commercialise your new app, business, logo, system, device, or apparatus in Australia AND overseas with this easy, self-paced program. 

Carel Smit is a patent attorney, author and international keynote speaker empowering entrepreneurs to protect, launch, and profit from their business ideas. He is one of a handful of patent attorneys registered in three countries. Uniquely, he is also a former entrepreneur that produced and sold a medical device into 15+ countries, so he has hands on experience of all parts of the innovation cycle. 

Carel created this program to teach entrepreneurs and startups how to tackle the most daunting idea protection and product launch decisions with ease. The Intellectual Property principles and strategies taught can be applied in nearly any country and are not limited to a particular jurisdiction and are guaranteed to get you out of the loop you are stuck in. 

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Your Intellectual Property Education

Intellectual Property is Your Most Valuable Asset

This 25-video course has 10 hours of video instruction that teaches you how to protect your ideas and give them the best possible chance of becoming a profitable reality. Self-paced, easy to follow, with templates, checklists and example agreements.



  • One Insanely Important Step to Take BEFORE Launching a Business!

The Extreme Value of Your Intellectual Property

  • The Extreme Value of Your Intellectual Property
  • Chapter 1 - UBM Workbook

Why Most Inventions Fail

  • Why Most Inventions Fail
  • Chapter 2 - UBM Workbook

The 10 Habits of Ultra-Successful Entrepreneurs and Innovators

  • The 10 Habits of Ultra-Successful Entrepreneurs and Innovators
  • Chapter 3 - UBM Workbook

The Different Types of Intellectual Property In Business

  • The Different Types of Intellectual Property In Business
  • Chapter 4 - UBM Workbook

Discovering Your Passions, Strengths and Values

  • Discovering Your Passions, Strengths, and Values
  • Chapter 5 - UBM Workbook

Is My Idea Truly New?

  • Is My Idea Truly New?
  • Chapter 6 - UBM Workbook

A Step-By-Step Guide to Patent and Idea Searching

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Patent and Idea Searching

Focusing Your Search and Saving Heaps of Money

  • Save Heaps of Money By Focusing Your Search

Can My Crazy Idea Even Be Protected? What is Patentable?

  • Can My Idea Be Protected? Patent eligibility requirements
  • Chapter 9 - UBM Workbook

Ninja Patenting Tricks

  • STOP WASTING TIME - Every Patent Hack, Tip & Technique You Will Ever Need
  • Chapter 10 - UBM Workbook

How To Write Your Own Patent Specification

  • How To Write & File Your Own Provisional Patent Application
  • Chapter 11 - UBM Workbook
  • Provisional Patent Spec Template
  • Patent Lodging Checklist

How To Protect Your Brand, Logo, Company Name, or Slogan

  • How to Use Trade Marks To Protect Your Brand, Logo, Company Name, or Slogan
  • Chapter 12 - UBM Workbook

Copyright: How It Can Save Your Business

  • Copyright and How It Protects Business Content and Ideas
  • Chapter 13 - UBM Workbook

Design Rights - What Apple, BMW, and Ray Ban Have In Common

  • How Apple Rules The World Using Design Rights (Design Patents)
  • Chapter 14 - UBM Workbook

7 Tips Guaranteed To Save You Thousands of Dollars

  • 7 Tips Guaranteed To Save You Thousands Of Dollars
  • Chapter 15 - UBM Workbook

The Biggest Intellectual Property Pitfalls (And How To Gracefully Avoid Them!)

  • IP Pitfalls To Be Avoided At All Costs
  • Chapter 16 - UBM Workbook

Is Your Idea Commercially Viable?

  • How Do You Know If Your Idea Is Viable?
  • Chapter 17 - UBM Workbook

Prototyping and Testing CHEAPLY

  • How To Prototype and Test Your Product Cheaply
  • Chapter 18 - UBM Workbook

Getting Financing, Writing Business Plans & Speaking to Venture Capitalists

  • Using IP To Attract Funders and Partners
  • Chapter 19 - UBM Workbook

Commercialisation - Making Money From Your Idea

  • Commercialisation - How To Make Money From Your Idea or Product
  • Chapter 20 - UBM Workbook
  • UBM Licensing Agreement - EXAMPLE ONLY
  • UBM Confidentiality Agreement - EXAMPLE ONLY
  • UBM Supplier Agreement - EXAMPLE ONLY
  • UBM IP Assignment - EXAMPLE ONLY

Using Trade Secrets to Protect Your Sensitive Information

  • Trade Secrets - Not Just for Spies
  • Chapter 21 - UBM Workbook

Killing Copycats

  • Killing Copycats - Enforcing Your IP Rights
  • Chapter 22 - UBM Workbook

How Patent Trolls Can Make You Rich

  • Patent Trolls and How They Can Make You Rich
  • Chapter 23 - UBM Workbook

The Anatomy of an "IP-Centric" Startup Powerhouse

  • The IP-Centric Startup and Why It Rules All Others
  • Chapter 24 - UBM Workbook

Saying Goodbye To Your Old Life

  • START YOUR NEW LIFE TODAY - Saying Goodbye To Your Old Life
  • Chapter 25 - UBM Workbook

Bonus Chapter #1! - Six Power Questions To Help Your Escape the 9-to-5


Bonus Chapter #2! The Business Launch Blueprint

  • The Business Launch Blueprint - UBM

Bonus Chapter #3! Use Your IP To Collaborate and Make Money

  • Use Your IP To Collaborate and Make Money

About Your Instructor

Carel Smit

Carel Smit

Author, Speaker, Patent Attorney & Entrepreneur

Carel Smit is an author, international keynote speaker, and IP strategy advisor to some of the largest companies in the world. He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Popular Mechanics, Thrive Global, and a host of other publications. He is dedicated to creating IP awareness and teaching entrepreneurs, innovators & governments how to protect, launch and profit from their unique ideas using the power of Intellectual Property.

Having formerly served as IP counsel for an S&P Global 100 company and as advisor to local and foreign government organisations, Carel’s publications, talks, radio shows, and executive coaching have shown thousands of innovators how to identify and protect their valuable IP and use it to attract funding, drive profitability, and collaborate freely with others.


Protect Your Ideas

Patent Searching Skills

How To Close More Money Using IP

How To Monetize Your Ideas

How To Stop Copycats

Brand Creation and Protection


Carel Smit understands business. He knows that a patent is more than a legal instrument, but is in fact an important strategic instrument in a business’ strategy toolkit. As such, Carel is interested in more than the technical information for purposes of patenting – he is interested in my business, and how my R&D and my patents will fit into my business strategy. This is of immense value – espe
Dr DW Jordaan CEO @ Sylvean Biotech, Professor of IP Law
Carel Smit has been a regular guest lecturer at the UWA Business school within the MBA program. He has regularly spoken to the students on the topic of intellectual property management, patenting and the development of commercialisation strategies for emerging technologies... ...He has delivered these lectures for UWA over several years and in each case he has been well prepared, highly knowledgeable, well received by the students, and his lectures have added real value to the courses.
Prof Tim Mazzarol University of Western Australia Business School - Winthrop Professor of Entrepreneurship
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. A 5-star rating is clearly not enough for this exceptional person. Absolutely outstanding with every bit of detail. Our Idea is securely protected and we are looking forward to launching our new product very shortly. I highly recommend him. Once again amazing thank you very much.
Jared Tansley Founder: Cargo Unite


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Six Power Questions to Help You Escape the 9-to-5

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Bonus Chapter

Use Your IP To Collaborate & Make Money

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